Don’t Make These Mistakes When Developing An App!

It is not unknown now that the world has made an abrupt shift from desktop to mobile devices and this is the reason, it has become important for mobile app development companies setting up a mobile presence for their target audience. In fact, bigger brands have already started mobile app development and other small & […]

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Why It Makes Sense To Hire Only Expert iPhone Developers?

Gone are the days when most companies preferred Android over other platforms. The scenario is changed now or changing gradually with iOS growing popular worldwide and taking the centre stage. More people now use iPhone or iOS-powered devices and reports say that the trend will continue. Which means, iPhone apps will enjoy more prominence than […]

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Mobile Apps Development Trends and the Demand of Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps development implies the development of apps which work as additional features in a mobile handheld device. These apps can be downloaded by the end user and can be used in different mobile platforms which are available in the market. These applications can also be found pre-installed in different devices too. The demand for […]

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Why Should a Startup Outsource the Web and Mobile Development Project?

Are you thinking of designing your business website or mobile application on your own? Wait! Ask yourself: Do you have the required skills to design a website or mobile app that helps you get success? If not, you should not take the risk and nobody wants to waste time and energy in doing something that […]

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Native Mobile Application Development and Security Risk Management

Developing native mobile applications as opposed to HTML5-based apps adds complexity to mobile application security management. Peter Yared from Webtrends Apps, recently posted an insightful blog entry where he points out that developing native applications for each mobile platform (i.e. iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, SymbianOS, WebOS) is not practical because the development and maintenance […]

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Why Are Native Mobile Apps Gaining Popularity?

Native mobile apps are those that are downloaded to your mobile phones and are used from there. They are generally coded in a specific programming language such as Java for Androids and Objective-C for iOS. They are known to provide greater performance and a high degree of reliability. They can be developed to make use […]

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Why Businesses Choose Android For Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile technology has developed to amazingly new heights in the recent past. With all the new platforms coming into play along with the introduction of tablets, Smart-phones and other great mobile devices, users have started using mobile devices for much more than just calling and texting. Businesses and organizations have also picked upon this trend […]

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