Don’t Make These Mistakes When Developing An App!

It is not unknown now that the world has made an abrupt shift from desktop to mobile devices and this is the reason, it has become important for mobile app development companies setting up a mobile presence for their target audience. In fact, bigger brands have already started mobile app development and other small & […]

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iPhone 5 – New Rumors Begin to Circulate After iPhone 4S Release

The widely anticipated release of iPhone 5 did not happen on October 4th 2011. This came as a shock to many, even though we got iPhone 4S which has great new software plus improved hardware features. With the release of the 4S models rumors for the launching of the 5th generation smart phone began circulating […]

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IOS Application Development and Android Application Development

iOS is a propriety Operating System developed by Apple Inc. for the mobile platform. The iOS operating system changed the world with its intuitive and user-friendly operation and the myriads of apps it provided. Now there is an app for almost everything! With more than 800 million devices running iOS, and a projected 1 billion […]

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Amplitube iPhone App – Play Your Real Guitar Through Your iPhone!

Want to jam on your guitar, but your amp is too loud or you don’t have any cool effect pedals? Ever had a desire to expand your pedal board without paying upwards of $100 a pedal? Now there is the Amplitube iPhone app for all guitar players! Amplitube allows a user to access a large […]

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iPhone Mobile Application Development – A Lucrative Business

With high iPhone sales figures witnessed by Apple Inc., a rise in iPhone mobile application development services provided by iPhone app developers has been observed. The market is flooded with companies and business firms providing all sorts of software and applications for iPhone. These firms outsource to or hire an iPhone app development company or […]

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iPhone App Developers Shun App Store

Since its inception, Apple Computer Inc.’s success has hinged on its ability to walk the fine line of keeping its technologies proprietary without alienating the people who make the company successful: those who develop software for Apple’s devices, and the end users who ultimately purchase and use the Apple products. There are countless well-documented cases […]

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How To Choose The Best iPhone Apps Development Company

The explosion in popularity of smart phones has surprised many people. These handheld devices are now beginning to rival more traditional forms of equipment for the purpose of web browsing. Many people and businesses are now realizing that there are huge opportunities to increase revenues by developing iPhone apps for new and prospective customers alike. […]

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