Why A Customized Android App Is Better Than A Ready-Made Solution

In today’s market, business owners are increasingly becoming concerned about the fact that one size fits all packaged software is not the best and complete solution for every business. Since the requirements of every business are different, it is very difficult to choose one single product that can accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. Custom business apps […]

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9 Applications Useful for Women

Introduction If you are a tech-geek, you have application for everything that you can think of. With application, you can do anything, ranging from hiring a taxi to finding a lover. You can find applications for finding restaurants, waking you up, counting number of sleeping hours, calculating and processing loans, etc. According to one estimate, […]

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Mobile App Development – Building Your First App

Building a mobile application can be a challenging experience. You may have a great idea for an application, but you may not know anything about designing and building an app. There are number of things you need to consider before building an app. Here is a step by step guide on building a professional mobile […]

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Top 6 Most Popular Categories + Monetization Techniques

Top 6 Most Popular Categories + Monetization Techniques Most popular game categories on Google Play are clearly determined by the number of downloads. We’re gonna look into that in more detail to see what makes these categories and apps so popular among Android device users and what are the best ways to monetize games. Arcade […]

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Best Web Programming Languages: Every Beginner Should Know

The industry of computer science is flourishing in the global world, and the best aspect is it pays off excellent! There has been, and is always, the demand for qualified, sharp and intellectual engineers and that is the reason why youngsters are learning codes as it is the most appealing option. However, with new skills […]

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A Glimpse of the Latest Mobile Application Development Trends

Smartphones have seeped into our daily lives to such an extent that it has become irreplaceable. Whether it is shopping, paying bills, banking, and entertainment or ordering food, we simply pick up our phones and get things done! This technology revolution continues to grow at an exponential rate and the demand for mobile apps development […]

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5 New Features on Android Wear 2.0 for Android App Development

The operating system is being optimized for hands-free operations. We bring you 5 new features on Android Wear 2.0 for Android App Development. A new App Launcher The app launcher has been redesigned to accommodate the round screen format and look uncluttered. Device interaction has been made user-friendly towards the new app launcher changes. Pushing […]

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