Amplitube iPhone App – Play Your Real Guitar Through Your iPhone!

Want to jam on your guitar, but your amp is too loud or you don’t have any cool effect pedals? Ever had a desire to expand your pedal board without paying upwards of $100 a pedal? Now there is the Amplitube iPhone app for all guitar players! Amplitube allows a user to access a large bank of amps, pedals and effects directly through their smartphone. The iRig adapter then enables an electric guitar to connect into the iPhone. Simply plug in your guitar and some headphones to the iRig adapter and you will have full access to Amplitube’s extensive bank of Fender based amps and stomp boxes including delay, chorus and fuzz.

Some of the Amplitube features:

  • AmpliTube has a full collection of 11 Fender inspired stomp boxes such as chorus, overdrive, fuzz and delay.
  • Record your songs directly on the iPhone
  • Import songs from iTunes to play along with
  • Amplitube also has built in “songs” that users can jam with for practice
  • Share your recordings with yourself or others via iTunes or Email

I have been playing the guitar for years and I blog about the iPhone everyday, so when I came across this app I had to explore the possibilities. I was amazed at the tones that can be created by a digital application. This really is a great tool for anyone who is looking for easy, quiet and portable jam sessions.

Pricing in general is not bad for the app, but a little steep for the adapter. There is a free option, a $2.99 LE option (you can purchase more stomp boxes individually) or the complete version for $19.99. Then, the iRig adapter, which allows a guitarist to connect to the iPhone, runs about $40.

Musicians take a look at the this app masterpiece from Amplitube. Rock on!

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