A Glimpse of the Latest Mobile Application Development Trends

Smartphones have seeped into our daily lives to such an extent that it has become irreplaceable. Whether it is shopping, paying bills, banking, and entertainment or ordering food, we simply pick up our phones and get things done! This technology revolution continues to grow at an exponential rate and the demand for mobile apps development (both Android & iPhones) has increased exponentially too. There is an app for practically everything that can be done via a mobile phone.

This is exactly why staying up to date with the latest trends in mobile application development is essential

Let’s take a look at the latest in this field:

Faster mobile development

The competition is fierce and businesses want to launch their mobile apps before their competitors do. The challenge here is for the mobile app developer to reduce the time to develop the app! The time in between ideation and launch needs to be cut down. This is exactly why rapid mobile apps development tools have emerged. Developers are putting in efforts to create innovative tools and introducing solutions that can help businesses launch their app sooner.

Cloud technology driven

Cloud technology enables anywhere access of your business data and enables developers to build functionality that can be synced across various platforms and devices. The cloud technology plays a vital role in mobile apps development. It will be more prominent in the future and many more businesses will prefer cloud technology for building their business apps so as to seamlessly integrate it into their systems.


Since anywhere and anytime access of business data is enabled by the use of mobile apps, security of this data is crucial too. Mobile apps need to implement data security across various devices to ensure that the business data is safe.

Location based and beacon

The beacon technology has completely blurred the difference between online and offline. iPhones have already implemented this technology. Most of the industries are benefiting from the use of this technology. Retail, hospitability, tourism, education, advertising, healthcare and lots more industries are taking advantage of the beacon technology to reach out to their customers.

Wearable technology

Let alone phones, general electronic items are getting smarter too! The Apple Watch, is a striking example of a ‘smart watch’. Smart washing machines, smart televisions and a lot of smart devices are making their way into the markets.


It is important to note that almost 19% of the commercial sales are coming from smart phones or tablets. More and more consumers are adopting m-commerce. It adds convenience to their lives and they just love it!

Apps analytics

Apps analytics is a great way for businesses and app owners to check how their app is fairing. Modern businesses demand instant insights into their app performance in order to understand where they need to make changes. It greatly helps in their decision-making process.

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising is another very popular app trend.

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