5 IoT-Based iPhone Mobile App Development Services That Can Be Designed Using iBeacon

iBeacon can be used to trigger proximity-based actions, and we present 5 IoT-based iPhone mobile app development services that can be designed using iBeacon.

1. iBeacon for Shopping in Store

iBeacon gained traction with the retail revolution it brought about by rolling out push notifications in its 254 stores across the USA, giving them information related to in-store purchases and offers. With BLE sensors installed within the stores, as soon as the shopper enters the store, based on their profile, past purchase history and current offers, push notifications are sent, guiding the shopper using their iPhone device.

2. iBeacon in Event Management

Event management companies are using virtual guides on iPhone and iPad to inform visitors about the event schedule, itinerary and objects on display. For instance, in case of a photography exhibition, the visitor can get complete photographer bio and details of the photograph and even place an order or bookmark it for revisit. The beacon technology itself is being used extensively in sports arenas in diverse ways, right from giving ticket and seating information to giving play-by-play sequence of the sport.

3. iBeacon for Social Networking

This concept is being used famously on free apps on App Store for anonymously finding persons with similar interest in the user’s proximity and giving them an opportunity to connect with one another. It takes social networking to a whole new level as social interactions itself are taken to a virtual platform, where people get acquainted with one another via the social networking app by reading one another’s bio and then deciding to carry forward and meeting. Since it works in a limited proximity area, it is a faster way to connect. This app is a big success in nightclubs and events where people socialise with strangers.

4. iBeacon in Home App

The Home App that will foray with iOS 10 uses the iBeacon app to its complete extent in utilising the iBeacon technology. The HomeKit app can remotely control household appliances, thermostat, lighting and even the television and music player. With iBeacon sensors and smartly arranged speakers, the user can carry their music with them from one room to the next. The application can now perform more complex operations such as creating context-oriented groupings in categories such as zones, scenes and rooms. Further, Siri integration implies one no longer needs to physically tap the device, but simply give a voice command to execute actions.

5. iBeacon in Farming

The iBeacon technology combined with GPS technology can be used effectively to track weather condition and enable the farmer to plan the farming season and ensure best ROI. Beacons planted across the farm can send signals and give information on soil condition, thus suggest optimum fertilizer requirement and water requirement. Beacons planted within the store house will give the farmer information on room temperature and thus enable them to decide the period for which they can store their crops before selling it in the market for the correct rate. Beacons are also used to detect water levels in tanks and moisture content of the soil.

There are many diverse purposes to which iBeacon technology can be utilised by iPhone mobile app development services. With Swift 3 and iOS 10 on the onset, we can expect better performance and newer applications of the iBeacon technology.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9469433


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