What’s New In IOS 9 SDK For An iPhone App Development Company?

With a bid to sell its apples to every iOS device user, Apple is trying its level best, and the best thing that it has recently done is to revive the SDK (Software Development Kit) extending its capabilities and making it more inclusive (supports CloudKit, HomeKit, HealthKit, and MapKit). If you own an iPhone app development company, and are thinking to develop out-of-the-box apps, you must ask your developers to get acquainted with new capabilities of iOS 9 SDK as discussed below.

3D Touch

Learn ways to build apps that can help users to take advantage of 3D Touch, the pressure reading display feature. Your app should be sensitive enough to learn the metrics of pressure and respond to users without any delay. This will increase the engagement of users with an app and give them a better control on the app and its services.


An iOS developer must learn to use classes in Interface Builder. This will help users to customize the size of the app windows: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture, to gain most from the iPhone or iPad they use. Interestingly, this will increase the session-time of an app, which is a key metric for estimating engagement worth of an app, particularly, that falls in the shopping category.


Equip your iOS developers with the concept and skill of search and its implementation. They should know how to use deep history linking, content indexing and Web markup. This will help them seamlessly link the search button with all quadrants of the app, and users will find it easier to pull out information that they need. Deep links let users to go back to the previously navigated content. Finding relevant information becomes easier with content indexing. It complements with the Core Spotlight feature that was introduced in the past to power the search.

App Thinning

As the name echoes, this is to reduce the weight of an app to let users experience faster installation and uninstallation across any iOS device. Such apps consume the least system resources and automatically spare most of the memory to be utilized for driving the device performance and user’s productivity. An iPhone or iPad app development company must help its developers to grab the skills of integrating the App Thinning feature into the app.

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