iPhone Web Design Ideas

There consist different iPhone web design ideas, which developed to be useful and informative while others take a hard time in understanding the said “good” ideas. One of the hundreds of examples that those iPhone app design ideas possess is the click-to-call capability of the said phone. This idea benefits every site passersby to call their connections just by pressing or dialing contact numbers posted on one’s website. Just by adding this application to an iPhone website, you achieve a head on and uncomplicated way of communication. In addition, it also consists of a link for formatting as a phone number identifying the indicated device to aim. The user has to renew the used phone number if changes occur and substitute the phone’s application “Push to Call” with the provided link manifested by the developers.

Another contribution to the world of the so-called iPhone app design idea is the custom shortcut icon. From the title itself, this added feature provides a custom shortcut icon for those business-minded people giving them the privilege of creating a branded scheme of their establishment projected in their iPhone monitors. To add to our long line of list for iPhone web design ideas, here comes another product especially for customizing your iPhone’s web clip icon.

This iPhone website icon can add your own site to another person’s home screen and he or she can bookmark you. All these can happen with just a little manipulation of your iPhone and your website. To make this idea come to existence, here are the steps to follow first; you have to choose a picture for your icon. Picture selection is important so that other users may remember you easily through identification of images.

Second, you have to resize your icon at about 57 pixels by 57 pixels and save it as a PNG file for the web. Next, the name of your web icon should have the name “apple-touch-icon.png”. Last, upload your icon or you can FTP it to the root directory of your iPhone website. To make sure it really works, you can run tests on it by loading your iPhone website on your phone and including it to the home paged screen. Moreover, if ever a user wishes to apply the icon with persistence or wants to have replacement icons, he or she can use the snippet provided by the innovators posted in the internet. There are still lots more iPhone web design ideas posted online and even in series of informative tools from books to magazines. No matter how diverse those ideas may be they all are in cohesive terms with each other. They all serve the purpose of producing first hand creations instilled as iPhone web design ideas.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4894269


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